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Giant Dynosoars and Emilia (?)

A couple of new sketches from my Instagram account. Seems like the second one ended up looking like Emilia Clarke (or at least people told me so). Of course it wasn’t intentional but that makes it even more fun :) The Uylooms usually make use of the Megaceratops on their journeys inside the giant mushroom […]

Welcome to Mars

Dumping a couple more sketches from Instagram to keep things rolling here too. Another Saturday Night sketch of my character Firefox and, finally, the prep work of the first comic page done with my new Wacom Cintiq tablet. That thing is amazing, btw. I should have bought it ages ago! Un post condiviso da Renato […]

Saturday & Sunday Sketches

Some more sketches posted on Instagram. The first one is an Assault Robot from my Firefox story. There’s something about its design that I don’t like but I can’t figure out what, so something’s going to change on it. Un post condiviso da Renato Gelmini (@rennymanjr) in data: 28 Mag 2017 alle ore 06:42 PDT […]

Saturday Night Sketches

Un paio di sketch (bic 4 colori per il rough + bic nera) postati su Instagram qualche settimana fa, tra cui uno di Firefox. Enjoy! Un post condiviso da Renato Gelmini (@rennymanjr) in data: 5 Feb 2017 alle ore 11:13 PST Un post condiviso da Renato Gelmini (@rennymanjr) in data: 6 Feb 2017 alle ore […]