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Duality Dance

New Warframe fanart! I wanted to try those new 3D photos on Facebook so I did a quick drawing of Equinox Prime on a random pose that could help me show some 3D-ness. The small preview shows some white artifacts on the far right, however if you click on it for the full screen view […]

A Page Out of Nostalgia

This is a follow up page for a comic I started a very long time ago and left unfinished around 2001… more or less. It started as a story about a guy who finds out to have magic powers with wich he can do whatever he wants but then, as I grew up, the story […]

Warm Up Sketch #10

“let’s try to do it the nice way first”. Warm Up Sketch from yesterday. The weapon is a portable energy bow I created for my Firefox project. Enjoy :) [EDIT] I decided to put some very quick colors on it, just to see the end result. I didn’t mean to use that brown / violet […]

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Reluctant Huntress – Warm Up Sketch #9

Here’s my Warm-Up sketch from yesterday. A Reluctant Huntress with some very quick shading on her. I did some tweakings but I still hate her face and the bow could use some more oomph. I’ll try something more powerful on the next ones.

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Giant Dynosoars and Emilia (?)

A couple of new sketches from my Instagram account. Seems like the second one ended up looking like Emilia Clarke (or at least people told me so). Of course it wasn’t intentional but that makes it even more fun :) The Uylooms usually make use of the Megaceratops on their journeys inside the giant mushroom […]

Khora and Venari

Warframe FanArt. Khora is the new upcoming Warframe that can summon her personal “metal” kavat. I can’t wait to try her! All digital, made in Clip Studio Paint with my Wacom Cintiq.

Welcome to Mars

Dumping a couple more sketches from Instagram to keep things rolling here too. Another Saturday Night sketch of my character Firefox and, finally, the prep work of the first comic page done with my new Wacom Cintiq tablet. That thing is amazing, btw. I should have bought it ages ago! Un post condiviso da Renato […]

Saturday & Sunday Sketches

Some more sketches posted on Instagram. The first one is an Assault Robot from my Firefox story. There’s something about its design that I don’t like but I can’t figure out what, so something’s going to change on it. Un post condiviso da Renato Gelmini (@rennymanjr) in data: 28 Mag 2017 alle ore 06:42 PDT […]